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A Way To Tell Me How Great How I Am

This is my site's guestbook, a quaint throwback to the internet of the late 90's and the early 00's (in a certain sense, it's sad to have one of these, but it's so out-dated that I keep it around partially just for that reason). Basically, this is the place where you tell me how great I am, what an idiot I am, how my rating system is pure genius, how my rating system is the worst and most incomprehensible creation ever, what bands I should consider collecting for the site, and so on and so on.

Anyways, just send me comments as you usually would, and I'll get them up here with the regularly scheduled comments.

What do you think of the site?

John, keep up the great work on this thing, because on account of the fact that Prindle's site is currently in a largely inactive state, and George is away on business at the moment, your site is the one I check out the most at this point, so that should be your motivation from me to keep continuing. Hang in there! :)

Your reviews are getting more and more helpful and entertaining to read too - plus I have to say your idea of combining the Prindle 1-10 system with the Starostin 15 point one really helps to clarify how good an album actually is (it's quality could be measured in the 1-10 sphere effecitvely, while the overall originality and place in history of it really works with the 1-15 scale). And considering the bands you've been covering so far, I don't really see the ratings being too much on the top heavy side. Less so than several other sites (including my own when I first started out).

In any case, I eagerly await the rest of your Rush reviews and especially ones for Genesis (I was almost positive you were gonna do them after Hendrix). As a guess, maybe Peter Gabriel and the Stones are others coming up in the future too?

Philip Maddox (

Hiya, John! I quite like your site. I especially like your combination of the Starostin/Prindle reviewing scales. You see, there are a lot of albums that aren't quite perfect, but I love them to pieces regardless, like Tull's Songs From The Wood (yeah, I know, I know...). With your rating scale, I could give it, say, a 9(14), freeing me of the obligation to give it a 10, but still making it pretty damned clear how much I love the album. One thing in particular on the Starostin scale I never quite like was that the clear cut band rating system often left little possiblility for an unbelievably amazing artist that had a career that wasn't quite as influential or big. Yours works quite fine. Congrats!

I like your reviewing style a good bit, as well. Detailed, but never boring. Gives lots of insights, even when I disagree. Your is one of the better reviews sites on the web, and I commend you for it. Keep up the good work (If I may use the cliche for a moment)!

Fredrik Tydal (

Hi, John

Well, this is for the guestbook...

Nice to see that, from its humble beginnings, your review site has grown rather impressively. With Starostin away, your site and Music Junkies Anonymous are pretty much the only thing happening in classic rock web reviewing right now - with the exception of occasional efforts from Cosmicben, Martin Teller and Wilson & Alroy.

I hope Dylan and the Stones are in the works, as it would be a natural progression from the artists and groups you've already covered. I liked your thorough coverage of Cream, a group that doesn't seem to get that much respect these days. If you like both Cream and Led Zeppelin, you should definiately check out Mountain.

I have to say it would be fun if you would look into the catalogues of The Byrds, CSNY/Y, Jefferson Airplane or Grateful Dead - all favourites of mine.

Well, that's it - keep up the good work.

Simon White (

I have just stumbled on your site. Great reviews, really entertaining. Of course, I don't agree with everything, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

D Burman (

Followed Starostin's links and got through to your site. Very good site, I must say. I am 18, and love classic rock. Of course, I enjoy going through rock reviews for entertainment but so far I was in search of someone whose tastes are as close a match as possible. I am in India, on a shoestring student's budget in a country where CDs are horrendously priced, so I intend to get all the essential stuff first. Prindle gives low Who ratings. (Come on, a 6 for the big quad?) Starostin is otherwise definitive, but bashes Floyd was too much. I think yours, when you have gone through those bands you intend to review, will be the one to beat.

  Thank you for helping me hold my head high about loving the early Beatles!

  This kicks off a breed of new, better sites whose reviewer isn't too proud to say "hey, I was wrong about Rubber Soul" and "yup, that song requires a few listens to appreciate."

  btw, can we have album length for each album? And the best album for beginners to each band, with ideal sequence of albums to follow? Also, one hint from amazon(shudder!).com. A similar artists list might help beginners.

  Keep up the good work, we love ya!

Byron Dahms (

Just a quick note to say I really like your site and the work you've done. I was surprised to find your site to begin with, and then to read someone making intellegent comments on the music of Yes and Genesis was a real treat. I made my own comments on Genesis ( which I slightly regret, because I was cutting on Tony a bit- and then realized, when was the last time I wrote a song that got any air play, let alone 20 years worth of music). Keep up the good work.

P.S.- ever hear of Gentle Giant, Marillion, Eloy, or Saga ? If you haven't their the second tier of Prog rock- give 'em a listen.

Miss Fantastic ( (7/17/01)


I, a seventeen-year-old progressive and classic rock fanatic discovered your site almost two months ago when I had just purchased ELP's Pictures At An Exhibition, and was surfing around the Net to see what everyone else thought of it. I was rather dismayed at all of the negative reviews regarding what was IMO a good, slightly offbeat album. But then I saw your review, and needless to say, was blown away.

"Hey! I'm not the only nut who likes this!"

That was the thought that ran through my mind, and beseeched me to read the rest of your ELP reviews, and eventually the rest of your site^Òs contents. From what I have read thus far, which is quite a bit. Besides the ELP page, I have so far beheld your Syd Barrett, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Metallica, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Yes pages. I have been amazed at how much I overall agree with your views on those artists and albums. And not to mention how much those views have influenced me to want to go out and get specific albums. If it weren^Òt for you and Starostin, I would have never realized what a masterpiece Selling England By the Pound is, and what a great band Genesis really were under Mr. Gabriel for that matter. I can^Òt wait to see what^Òs next to come on such a fantastic site. And if you really want to make my day, could you please eventually review Amon Duul II, Hawkwind, Marillion, and King Crimson to name a few? :) I shall sign off by saying what just about eve! ryone who has signed this guestbook have said in conclusion, keep up the utmost good work!

Caroline E. Smith

Joel Larsson ( (7/21/01)

Inflate your ego? Sure. Guestbooks are worthless for anyone else than the keeper of the site. This guestbook implies that you're an egocentric jerk.

Jokin', of course! Except that I don't like guestbooks.

Sittinger, Brian D (

Well, I first came across this through George Starostin's site. [Your site seems to be nearly impossible to find through Yahoo!] Though I have yet to listen to Jethro Tull (I only have a compilation of their stuff), and Metallica, this is one heck of a site (and we know it's still growing!!). I seem to have similar opinions of the groups to yours (on those to whom I have listened). Your site has very well thought-out balanced comments and reviews. I saw your Genesis page grow from its beginning, and was VERY well-done; I couldn't have said it much better (well, except for the fact that Tony Bank's playing doesn't drive me as batty as you until Wind and Wuthering). If you haven't done so already, you might get a kick out of (at least) the early Steve Hackett solo albums. Finally, there is no shame in liking the Beatles as you found out; I've heard most of their music since I was very young, and have enjoyed just about all of it!!

Keep up the great work. I'll be watching for the Rolling Stones and King Crimson pages (in particular) in the future!!

norman a blardony ( (8/02/01)

Very impressive site. The reviews are intelligent as well and I just discovered it now. How I wish I had seen this before, since it is a sure guide for buying discs. I wish your selection of prog bands would expand, so surfers will have more selections.It is also nice to have the most prominent or familaiar prog rockers e.g. Yes, Genesis et al.

I have a question: Was Steve Hackett responsible for popularizing guitar tapping? Was he the first? I vaguely read somewhere that he was acclaimed to be the father of guitar tapping. If so, was this the gutar intro at return of giant hogweed?

  please enlighten me and congratulations to a very good site.

Ken Sherman ( (9/03/01)

Just want to say, it's refreshing to read your musicical comments. Straight from the heart.. Thanks for the insight. I may not agree but I do see your insight is balanced from listening to other types of music (Not Rock). Am I correct? An excellent site.

Cheers...Ken (9/14/01)

why no king crimson? i love your site, your an incredible reviewer, for the most part ai fully agree. i cant see you not having heard king crimson. i saw one bad mention of lizard, but that is not the best od kc. i would say larks tongues in aspic and red are incredible albums. the debut and their live stuff is also fantastic. also, for new bands in the art rock vein, try radiohead, tool, and my fav (please dont dismiss them) nine inch nails. try the fragile. its an incredible journey, i promise. i have made many converts with that one, songs like 'la mer' and 'just like you imagined', 'the frail/the wretched' combo, and 'into the void' are shining examples. anyway lemme know. id even consider sending you a copy. till then, thanx again fer the site. i sound better when im not rushed for time. anyway, peace.                               - dan

john sieber ( (9/14/01)

hey man, i've been reading your site for a while now and i think you have a good handle on rock, art-rock in particular. such a good genre man. I think you overreate genesis but theyre good so it's all good. I hope that was not a mean thing to say. i am drunk, so if i'm an asshole pease forgive me, it's just this whole world trade cener iraqui bullshit hs got me down. you know? anyway here;s what i think:

CLOSE TO THE EDGE is the best rovck album ever.

RELAYER is a close second. i'm talkin REAL close.

all the early YESSHIT is amazing. Like FRAGILE and TIME AND A WORD, especially. so are the moody blues and pink floyd. i'm so obnoxious when i'm drunk, i'm sorry dude. I love your site and the info that pertains to rock, you seem to have a handle on the important shit.

In short:

PROG RULES. GIRLS FUCK YOU OVER. So, STICK TO THE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hw114 ( (10/11/01)

I got here from Starostin too. I'm a bit of a novice on rock subjects, but I agree with you on lots of stuff, especially Tommy, the most amazing album I've heard. The comments on the top of the review pages are great!

I've been getting stick from several friends over my admiration for "The little ditty about the escalator" (As Starostin calls it), but your little story about it is the best tribute to the power of music I've ever heard. Oversold, yes, but no smoke without a lot of pretty amazing fire. Keep up the good work! (10/27/01)

I'm in the middle of your fantastic album review site, and just wanted to congratualte you on a job well done. I've spent the last hour reading your Rush and Floyd reviews, and I'm hooked!

That said, I have a couple comments/nit-pics for you:

1. I believe you mention that Floyd played 10 shows in support of "The Wall." They actually did about 32 shows on 5 different tour stops. But as you say, the net result was the same -- they lost their collective shirt financially.

2. The post-TFC Waters vs. Gilmour dispute never did land in court. Obnce Waters realised that he had no hope of winnig such a battle, he more or less conceded victory to Gilmour.

Finally, I'm a HUGE Rush fan. Don't worry -- I dodn't intend to try to change your opinion or berate you for your reviews (I'm always dismayed at the behavior of some of my fellow fans whenever someone expresses a negative opinion about Rush). But I wonder if your impressions might be a bit clouded by the fact that you you reviewed the records based on listening to some low-quality MP3s. Personally, I've always found that part of the band's appeal was in the production value (Signals notwithstanding), which surely gets lost in the translation to the MP3 media. I think that once you listen to a few of the remastered discs, your views might soften a bit.

john mclaughlin ( (10/31/01)

Hi Stoo,

Just spend absolutely ages reading through the album ratings you published on the web. It's great to see somebody going to such a great effort simply for the love of the music rather than for commercial gain.

Keep it up.

Cheers :-)

Khaled Ahmad ( (12/12/01)

Hey John, GREAT site. I just want to applaud you on a job well done. I've been reading your reviews for quite some time and everytime I log on your site I always think the same thing, "Where are the Gentle Giant & King Crimson reviews?!" You need to start those up, you know at least one person will read them. While it may not be the popular opinion, I like your reviews better then Mark, George, Alroy AND Wilson's! My only complaint is I never really can tell what you updated. Just get an update page and it should be all fine

Jeff Davis ( (12/12/01)

First off, you have my sympathy for the finals insomnia. I've been reading your site for about a year now, and I've found that no matter when you get to the reviews, you always manage to make them worth my while. I don't want to make like I'm schmoozing ya here, but you've helped me with numerous purchases/downloads.

Anyway, got a question. Have you heard Yes' "Magnification" yet? Reason I ask is that, I already purchased it and find it a stellar album, better than what they've had in years. I was just wondering what you think about it.

(author's note): I love it. Not quite on the same level as the best of the 70's stuff, but probably as good as Yes and maybe better.

I understand though that you indeed have a life and Mick Jagger to critique so...whenever you get around to it.

Good luck and very nice job, John. (3/15/02)

I'm a huge Rush, Zeppelin, Yes, Tull, and Genesis fan and I would just like to say that your reviews are very insightful. Anyone who realizes that The Rover off Physical Graffiti is an AMAZING song knows what he's talking about.

I noticed that you had all of the Black Sabbath and Gentle Giant albums in your collection and would also like to see your opinions/reviews of those albums. Also, I think you should check out some Iron Maiden if you're a Metallica and Sabbath fan--they won't dissapoint--especially Number of the Beast.

I'm looking forward to the Magnification review.


emoebeffer ( (5/2/02)

Well John, I just wanted to say your site is pretty cool. I  discovered this kind of site recently. Prindle was the first, and his link to other sites, like Starostin's, Cosmicben's and yours.

These personal review sites are such a good thing for many reasons...More than e.g. they allow people to express their ideas and opinions about music, which is actually very stimulating, because (in my case anyway) it leads you to listening particular records again and realize there's often a lot in there one didn't realize. It also stimulated me in trying to be creative with it too. My fairly large record collection could be of use too, so at this very moment I'm trying to write some of my own reviews, although my native language is Dutch and my fluency in English not really impressive. I would be great if I were able to put as much in my future site (???) as you guys do. So, keep up the creative work.

There are people that enjoy it.

Riley Martin ( (5/11/02)

Pretty good page, decent reviews mostly, I can't agree with everything of course, but why oh why can't you Yanks get it through your heads that it's pointless reviewing your Rolling Stones albums. They are not the albums the Stones made but what Abcko decided to botch together for no good reason that I know of.

Federico Fernández ( (5/24/02)

Great. Lots of fun and hours & hours of reading.
I'm making a similar page but in Spanish which is my mother tongue and there isn't any decent review page in that language.
By the way. These are CLASSIC bands you should review.


  Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young)

  King Crimson

  Eric Clapton (Blind Faith, Derek, and so on)

  Keep on the good work.

amicorigo1 ( (6/25/02)

I had only read your Genesis reviews until today (great, about the albums I know, even if you have no mercy a all for Wind & Wuthering which I like): I' ve just discovered your Pink Floyd and The Who (two of the greatest band ever) sections which I' ll be reading as soon as I can (examinations in progress...). I hope they are as good as the one about Gabriel & Co.

Just one suggestion: what about building up a section about Dream Theater (the only "metal" band I like)? Listen to Images & Words and you will find many resemblances with Genesis and Yes music... (8/13/02)

I just read your itenerary and I'm very impressed with your diverse taste in music.  I wish more people were as open minded.  I was especially surprised to see R.E.M. and Prince, two who I have been recently building a collection of.  Not too surprised, though...they are very good, after all.  Thought the rating system was confusing at first, but now I kinda like it.  One band that I would recommend is Manfred Mann's Earth Band.  Much more to them besides "Blinded By the Light."  That guy plays keyboard like no one else....sometimes even a lot wrong notes, but I've never heard so much emotion come from a keyboard's unbelievable.  They even had a phenomenal guitar player for 2 albums.  Unfortunately, their stuff is impossible to find in the U.S., even on vinyl.

    By the way, was that really John McLaughlin that signed your guest book?

Satcom2 ( (10/16/02)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I really have enjoyed reading your reviews, and have found them quite entertaining, and helpful in branching out, as it were, to music I would have otherwise been afraid to try out. I am a huge fan of King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, and you are helping me get into Genesis; "The Knife" (half downloaded right now, sounds good so far) and "Moonlight Knight" (I can almost imagine Steve Howe being the guy playing guitar in this one, for some reason, reminds me of Relayer in places). I was a big fan of "Mama" back in the day.

      Heres a short funny early 80's story actually, about the Mama 12" single I used to own, back in it's day. An old and very good friend of mine (sadly passed away long ago) named Marty let me borrow his then big deal Sony Walkman. I remember going out on my paper route and listening to 90125 by Yes on it, very trippy early in the morning with all the fog. Anyway, I gave the walkman back to him kind of scuffed up, because I had a padlock I used at school in my coat pocket rubbing against the walkman as I rode around on my bike. When I gave it back he was a little pissed. He was, at the time, borrowing my Mama 12". He gave it back the next day, after writing (more like carving through the paper actually) "your Mama rules" with a ball point pen right in the middle of the actual label on the record itself. Being picky about things like that, it kind of sucked, but was funny too what he wrote.

      I do want to put in a good word for Asia, and say that you, or anyone on the site that likes Yes might want to listen to the song "Free" on their new 2001 album "Aura". Steve howe plays on that track, and it is the first song I have heard that paints a sort of mental mood similar to a lot of stuff on Relayer. And if you, or anyone else reading this, tries that track and likes it, I also recommend The Day Before the War from "Arena" (1996) (reminds me very much of a Greg Lake/King Crimson-ish war lamenting song, but with a semi-epic style). I can not imagine in "My Wildest Dreams" that many people would not at least respect the song "Free" for it's intricate style and deep multi layered soundscape.

   I love the site and keep up the great work!

Raghavan ranganathan ( (5/14/03)

Hi John

My name is Raghavan and i am doing my masters in Melbourne. Found your site quite by accident but have been constantly logging in back the last couple of days. i also read your introduction and found it nice that a guy was doing all this purely out of enjoyment. well, coincidentally i also happen to love the beatles, stones and many other bands that you have reviewed. i must also say that you have a compelling style of writing.. anyway, good luck with your site!..i'll keep checking in for updates!!


Jason Adams ( (5/31/03)


  Been checking out your site off and on for the last little bit. I appreciate the detail you put into your reviews, bar none the most informative around. Whenever I want the lowdown on a band (esp. prog, which I thought I hated until being gradually won over by you and George), I always check you out. Keep it up!

MW ( (5/31/03)

interesting bias & justifications

Vandermeer ( (6/23/03)

Hi John.  I discovered your sight a few months ago while I was looking for a good place to find other people^Òs opinions of Yes.  After reading your reviews of Yes, I continued to read your other reviews of bands I am also into big time^×Rush, Genesis, Beatles, Who.  Even though I think I disagree with you as much as I agree with you, it^Òs been a very interesting read, so I thought I would start to give you my thoughts on various artists and albums--I hope you're ready to hear some more opinions.  Keep up the good work.

"M. Lockhart" ( (8/10/03)

I've enjoyed reading your reviews, esp. for Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes. I saw a comment in your Guestbook that recommended Dream Theater. I would second that recommendation. I am not into metal very much, even though I used to be a fan of it. Dream Theater makes metal for people that don't like metal though. They have the complete package as a band (except for commercial viability, if you consider that a plus). I saw "Live at the Marquee" in your CD catalog, but it's not DT's best. "Images and Words" is fantastic, with the BEAUTIFUL songs "Another Day", "Surrounded", and "Learning to Live". Their other CD's "Awake", "Scenes From A Memory", and "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" are remarkable too. I believe that they have about the best combination of song writing and technical skill of anyone. Musically, they BLOW bands like Metallica out of the water. Their reputation as world-class musicians is not what makes me like them though. They have very intelligent and insightful lyrics that are delivered well. I'd love to know your impression of them if you have listening to their music closely. Keep up the good work at your site. Marc Lockhart

Chris Ally ( (11/17/03)


  Great site!

  I really enjoy reading your reviews on some of the great prog bands of our times. It's great to read about a band or album from someone as knowledgeable as yourself, before I get the CD.

  In fact, I didn't even know about prog-rock until I stumbled upon your web-site; having grown up in the 80's. But now that I have started listening to prog-rock, I am hooked.

  Genesis, Yes, Jethro-Tull, Gentle Giant - all fabulous.

  Keep up the good work.

Elliot Lazerwitz ( (12/15/03)

Your site really looks nice so far, haven't got into the content much yet but fully concur with the lists of reviewed bands. Felt good to see Syd Barrett listed, to my mind he is a major artist and innovator. Missed two important entries: 1) Where is Robert Christgau's reviews site? Surely the man is worth an entry, if not for his opinions than only for his writing acumen. 2)Why isn't Black Sabbath listed among the bands? I am aware that strictly speaking they are heavy metal thunder, but they were innovative musically and concept-wise no less than concept-masters such as Tull and Gabriel-era Genesis.

Peter Ross ( (1/26/04)

In case you haven't noticed, I love your site. Keep up the great work and you could very well compete with Starostin for the amount of volume in your reviews (the Genesis ones in particular are absolutely excellent). And thanks for inspiring me to get some Gentle I'll have to stick my head in VDGG.

Oh, and thanks for the Rush page--I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS.

Eduardo Gutiérrez B. ( (2/25/04)

I´m Mexican, i´ve listened to prog rock and many more genres since I was 12 years old or so. Your page has become a very important factor for my recent buying records again. I had lost interest for music for a long time. As I started looking for texts to improve my english i found this page and have printed hundreds of pages and read them all with huge enthusiasm. Not only have they helped me improving my english, it´s also made me aquire interest for bands like the Stones, The Beatles, Rush and that´s something invaluable. Your opinions have become really important to my thinking of the bands I love and if I ever want to know about an album I come and check your page. You opinions are very clever and inteligent, and rarely emotional. Rather, they are always very objective which is something a good critic should always pretend.

Keep doing this great job and good luck. I´d like to make a contribution to your page by having you up load my opinion on "Selling England by the pound" (attached).

Best regards

Eduardo Gutiérrez (México City)

Mason Petersen ( (2/24/04)

i disagree

Jean Marlow ( (4/29/04)

Stroking egos is such fun, especially when they deserved to be stroked! I am still making my way around here, and having fun with it. The only "complaint", is that there need to be more reviews, but I suppose that's the kind of thing that can only be solved over time.
From the list of music you own, there is still a way to go.


Music Man

First of all, you're reviews are excellent and are very well written. They never fail at entertaining me, but more importantly that have been a great and very useful service in opening my mind to more music. For those of you who don't know, I am a 20-year old Progressive-Rock fan (I'm a lover of all styles and forms of music, but Prog is still my favorite) who's two favorite bands in the world are The Beatles and Yes. I found this site back in 2000, when it was listed in what used to be "Yeshoo" (I'm sure you already know what a massive Yes fan I am. :-) ), and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Yes. Of course, I eventually got around to reading your Review pages for the other artists you enjoy (or don't enjoy), and was very much inspired. Anyway, You've not only been a good reviewer in my eyes, but a good friend (I especially appreciate the favor you did for me back when we first met. You know what I mean ;-) ).

(author's note): He's referring to me sending him a bunch of Yes bootlegs, you perverts

I look foward to seeing whats to come in the future. Great job and keep up the good work!


Larry Graves ( (12/31/04)

I found your site by way of the great Mark Prindle review site. This is just as much of a fun read (with less swearing....ha ha)

Very pleased to see you are thinking of reviewing Sparks in the future. Keep up the great work!

Guðmundur Hallvarðsson ( (02/12/05)

hey Johhny boy howzzit hangin'

  I found this site when I was searching for some YES-reviews. YES is my favorite band and I really liked yor reviews on their albums and you're pretty damn right about Gates of Delirium My favorite Yes track among And you And I and Awaken. Your reviews on most other bands were pretty good too though I disagreed with you on Metallica (I didn't like st. Anger though it's not as bad as most people say and I LOVE Kill 'em All) but that's how it goes.

You should consider reviewing Iron Maiden that would be cool.   smell you later
Halli (03/06/05)

Hey John I haven't explored the whole web site yet but I am very impressed with the accuracy of your reviews (except for Black Sabbath but I'm a huge fan of theirs) Keep the web site going cause so far it seems like one of the best I've seen around for album reviews. Keep on rockin! 

Chris Howeth (03/15/05)

John, I found your site by surfing in from looking at various Who sites/reviews. I will admit I didn't take the time to read every review, nor do I plan anytime to write any debates...However, that being said I am a huge fan of lists, rock music, and seem to have an affinity for "screwed up" people like myself. I noticed immediately that with the exception of a few artists, most every album on your list I either a)already own, or b)plan to own sometime in the future. I am glad to see someone with similar views and interests in music, because it lets me know I am not alone in the universe. I plan on setting up a reviews page as soon as, a) I can genuinely take the time to update it regularly between work, music, life and all, and b) I can stop flip-flopping over certain discs and have a definite opinion. There is as you know a lot of music that you either grow out of from your youth, and a lot of music that you get into as you grow older that you said there is no way I'd ever listen to...which to me sounds like a euphamism for I'm in a groove, in a rut, in a grave. I do like a lot of the main stream albums, however I will tell you that I generally skip the ones that the radio has bashed repeatedly into my head...over...and over.

Some favorite groups of mine:
Pink Floyd
Todd Rundgren/Utopia (who?)
Folk Implosion (who?)

Some groups I am digging deeper into, other than a few songs that I like already:
King Crimson
David Bowie
Talking Heads
Black Sabbath
Creedence Clearwater Revival(which everyone hates typing out)
Genesis/Peter Gabriel
Moody Blues

Some groups/artists that the radio ruined for me by overplaying and now I don't care for them:

ZZ Top
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Tom Petty(Sorry)

I noticed your birthdate, and being born in 74 myself, I too am struggling to find people who like most of the older stuff before our time, but can still remember it as well...and not "oh yeah man...I saw them back in 68...yeah man, in a gadda da do they still sell eight tracks?" However, I do like some of the newer (90's or so) artists which seem to be enjoyed by seventeen year olds who think that Limp Biskit and Kid Rock were the founding fathers of rock. More like the founding fathers of poop....but then again, there was Milli Vanilli.

Take care and keep writing,

Jason Reeher ( (06/25/05)

"If you hunger for real rock -- and real album reviews -- look no further than web writer John (don't call him Bobby) McFerrin. With a sledgehammer style and a no-holds-barred attitude, McFerrin reviews the great rock and roll bands, album by album, song by song. Unlike some pansy Rolling Stone reviewer who is too worried about what Gwen Stefani's agent will think to give an honest assessment, McFerrin tells you all about the great 1970s artists, from Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan to Zeppelin and Yes. You get the feeling that if you met the guy and disagreed with his assessment of, say, Pink Floyd's "Meddle," that he would knee you in the nuts. And that's kind of the point; this guy's the best rock album reviewer on the 'net. Period."

  -Jason Reeher, author of "A Critical History of Yes,"

Christi Petry ( (07/31/05)

I've been reading your music reviews. Nice, no bones to pick since taste is subjective. I'd like to hear what you think of Electric Light Orchestra, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Focus, and Camel if you continue to review more bands.

James and Robin ( (09/25/05)

You have head in ass disease

Mona D ( (04/25/06)

Great Taste in music,Rock Bands,give SUPERTRAMP a Try,one of my favorites

divyang thakur ( (05/28/06)

Hello Mr. McFerrin,
Although you are not funny like Mark Prindle (i got to know of your site from there) i still like your reviews..i haven't read many of them as i don't have the time(exams,exams and more exams) but the few i've read (Yes,King Crimson,Pink Floyd,Black Sabbath) were very good specially Pink really make me listen to the albums you praise..(i rushed off and downloaded Red right after reading your review..i would rather have bought it but all the music shops have nowadays is Westlife and Backstreet Boys which i don't like) I want to listen to all the bands/artists you have got Radiohead if you can..that is my request...

(Since you've got down to Brian Eno whose music i have heard is similar to Radiohead's amazing Kid A i am rather hoping that i would get to read your views on Radiohead....also i've only heard Kid A so i want to know about their other albums.......)

The only disagreement i have with you is St Anger.....i hate that album and you seem to like it....i don't know anything about chords and riffs but i do know a good song when i see one..and well St Anger doesn't have a good song....anyways keep reviewing......


Mark Taylor ( (08/06/06)

I have been visiting your site for a year and a half or so and always find your opinions informative and on the money.I am curious to think who you feel is a current musician that follows or builds from the tradition of Keith Emerson,Rick Wakeman and Tony Banks.Also have you ever considered covering guys like Jan Hammer Chick Corea or Herbie Hancock?Again I think your site is wonderful and a bright spot on the web.Regards Mark

Nick DuShane ( (12/16/06)

Just writing to say how much I like your site. Which seems kind of stupid when I say it like that. I really don't know where you would put this message, but if I had to guess: the Guest Book

But in any rate, the reason I like your site has really to do with the fact that we have so very much in common, like our once great obsession with the Moody Blues. (Junior year. Oh those were the day) and your truthful admiration for Pink Floyd and the fact that radio refuses to play any of there other greats songs (Like Cymbaline, and Echos) as well as the fact that the Who were and still are my favorite band. (Even though their latter albums fall short of greatness. Except for their latest one. are you going to write a review of Endless Wire? Because personally I think its a masterpiece. but than again what would you expect from a Who fan)

The other reason Like you site, is the fact that  you don't tend to berate or judge groups just because their popular or unpopular (Unlike some other reviewers on the Internet who's names I wont mention) you give them a fair chance. at least a fair a one can get without throwing away their own opinion.

I have quite a few things I  wish to post. but I feel that i should just start with the basics. (07/07/07)

Well, after posting for a few years now, it's about time that I told you how great you are! Well, your site is, anyway. Thanks for your well written, intelligent opinions. You certainly deflate the stereotype that Mormons are conservative and narrow minded! I look forward to your updates every couple of weeks, so keep going, whether you get a life or not! (07/19/07)

How is it going John? I've been a long time reader of your reviews even though I probably have only commented on a few here and there. I'm friends with Nick Karn, creater of MJA (I've written roughly 200 reviews from there myself), and have found it especially interesting to read your newer reviews. As far as our opinions on various albums, it seems we disagree on some stuff, but not so often that we have completely different musical tatstes (for instance, when it comes to The Beatles we seem to almost exactly agree, as well as a lot of Genesis and Rush post-1977). In any case, it was awesome reading reviews of Genesis, Rush, and prog-rock in general on your site... and it was interesting to hear your perspective on Frank Zappa (a dude that I'm gonna start buying albums from soon).

Keep it going as long as you are able too and have fun with it. It may take 30 years to get everything reviewed, but hell, when you are done (nah, there will always be more to do i'm sure!) it will be one heck of a database here. I look forward to the rest of those Kinks reviews (as of July 2007 here) as the summer progresses. It was funny reading your "Soap Opera" review, an album which I find highly entertaining, fun and spirited, though definitely corny and a bit of a "steal-fest" as George called it. I was surprised to see you hated it that much, but after reading your thoughts on the storyline I never realized how pathetic and dumb (not to mention impractical) the storyline actually is. haha. Despite that I still think the album is a lot of fun and would give it a 7 (11) because the music is entertainingly parodic and interesting in certain ways - I kinda don't pay attention to the plot that much either.... still though, it's nothing compared to what the Kinks were doing a few years before though.

Ah well... hope everything is going well over there in the midwest and I look forward to reading many more reviews! I have an urge to comment more now so that's what I will be doing haha. Keep up the good work!

Michael Berry ( (10/13/07)

My name's Michael. I'm a collaborator over at a website for progresive rock. I've been a fan of your site for some time now. In large part we agree so damn often hahhaha. Anyhow, I really like your initial introductions/summations of the groups and would like to use some of them for a series of disscusions. Any problem if I can quote them, giving you full credit of course.

by the way... if you haven't explored it yet. Check out the Italian progressive rock scene of the 70's. Fascinating scene and some of the best, and I dare say, some of the most original prog around in those days.

btw. Let It Bleed is one of favorites of all time as well hahahh.

John X ( (12/02/07)

Nice reviews!   They're addictive.  Have to agree with you on most of the Beatles and Brian Eno reviews!

They're my two faves.

  More later after I read on...

  John (12/02/07)

I really liked your site.  Apart from the Beatles I could happily step into your playlists.  The albums I know and love seem to be attracting high scores so I'm exploring the ones I haven't heard with some confidence.  Basically your work isn't just entertaining me its helping me expand my library and for that I thank you very nicely.

  Next comes the bit where commentators peevishly note the missing 'greats'.  For sure I could name some that would fit the list but its you doing the work so you get the choices.  No complaints here at all.   But if we made it into a game, you on a desert island without the music you cover on your site: what would I wish you to find there?  Caravan, perhaps, and maybe Family; along the lines of quirky British bands I'd wish you a couple of the '70s Man albums, and a touch of Cockney Rebel.   Lone Star, Firing on all 6, for a kooky blending of [the better] Queen albums and Zep.

  Many thanks for your labour.  Greatly appreciated.
David (02/02/08)

hi, i like your site have a real good knowledge of music.........i also enjoy reading the responses to your reviews.......

Stephen Fall (02/16/08)

What a great site! Keep up the good work.

Patrick Dermody ( (04/29/08)

Great Reviews!  I like this site better than Prindles.  It would be cool to review some more artists such as Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, and maybe even some jazz, like Miles Davis and John Coltrane.  I especially like your Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, and Dylan pages.  Keep up the good work!!!

Jennifer Toone ( (05/18/08)

I love your site! It's quite fun. It smacks of all the classic "John-isms" that I love so much! I dare you to review something mainstream-ish. Like Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band - Dream Big. (My personal favorite. They have real talent.... I promise!) But it really is a cool site. I'll have to take a look at some of these artists that I've never heard of and have a listen. If you took the time to review them, they must at least be interesting. LOL! Hope all is well!

Judemac ( (06/01/08)

I guess this is how you get in your guestbook, well, nice work so far and being a prick as well as a nice guy for ego goes hand in hand. Being a collector of music has it's ups and downs but love checking out sites like yours and others, hopefully you'll post this in your guestbook and also list my home page on your site as well. Seamus Keane ( (06/01/08)

Just felt like dropping you a line to say congrats on the site - I discovered it a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed reading through your reviews. Can't wait for some new ones though I see from your itinerary it'll be a while before my beloved Clash are reviewed!

As for bands I'd like on the site; some Camel reviews would be nice. I know they're not one of the premier prog bands but I'm a fan - their second album Mirage being the best one I've heard so far. Also, I had a glance at your music collection and was surprised you didn't have any Tool. I'm not a rabid Tool fan or anything but Lateralus is well worth checking out, even if you're a bit uncertain about the whole prog-metal thing.

But I guess you've got your own itinerary (which by the length of it looks like it could take a few years...) so it probably doesn't matter what I say. Anyway, so long for now and keep up the good work.

"Marc Terrell" ( (03/13/10)

I love your site, and I am enjoying your thoughts on various artists and their albums. I found you through Google as I was looking for some insight on my favorite band, The Beatles. I have been looking at your thoughts on the other artists as well. I am older than you; I grew up with the Beatles and the Stones. I would like to suggest that you investigate Mr. Neil Young. I think he is a genius, and I think you may also. I assume you have already experienced him; I hope that your review might get others to find him.

"Michael Mensik" (>) (09/13/10)


Came across your site about four years ago looking for reviews on Rush. Very well done site. Your reviews are a great read regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

Your work is infinitely better than the childish bullshit over at the Mark Prindle site. By the old is that guy? 14?

Anyway, keep up the good work. I even tempted to give Yes a try thanks to your site.

"Tom Brooks" ( (10/13/10)

Hi John

Great work with the site so far. I had never bought anything by Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, the Moody Blues or Talking Heads before finding your site accidentally (funnily enough, via the ancient Moon vs Bonham debate). However, most of those bands are now up there with my favourites. Eno in particular has (in a similar way as for you) really changed the way I hear music, and King Crimson has completely removed my fear of inaccessible, atonal nonsense!

I'm not convinced by the Moodies outside of Children and Days, though, and for the life of me I can't get over the awkwardness of 'Question'! That stop-start melody and corny singing has always grated with me. I also have to respectfully disagree with your 13 rating of Purple Rain, which I would rate far below such amazing albums as Another Green World, Discipline, and Ramones.

Overall, many thanks for your articulate and relevant reviews (I agree with the commentator above in finding Prindle's reviews neither) which have immeasurably broadened and improved my music appreciation. Great job! Future artists - good to see you've got S&G and the Beach Boys on the way. Any chance of some Kraftwerk?



"William Hunter" ( (11/13/10)

A real nice site you have here. I love how deeply you can go into the songs on an album to reveal what they're about. You should put some U2 and Mike Oldfield reviews on here, I'd like to see what you'd think of them. BTW, I love your rating system. It really gives you a clear perspective on the quality of an album.

"Alainna Earl" ( (02/13/2011) I think you are much better than Mark Prindle. You have the feeling of a person, who loves music purely, and just wants to talk about it. Not that his two paragraphs mean any less than your page and a half opinions, but I frankly, like to read someone who can articulate clear thoughts without using so many curse words. Ugh, I hate Mark Prindle. Please don't ever be like him.

I think you should review : The Animals, James Taylor, Queen, The Cowsills, pearl jam, green day, and stone tempe pilots. P.S. I love The Who and especially find your page on them funny and enjoyable. I think A Quick One or The Who Sell Out are some of their best. Arrivederci!

"Bruce Walters" ( (04/13/11)

Great to see the 'prog' bands included in the mix. They are so often dismissed (by the likes of the mainstream reviewers such as Rolling Stone or the hipster reviewers such as Pitchfork). You got so much right (ie. we agreed :) that I was stunned when we really diverged I (taking Jethro Tull as an example, I was disappointed by your assessment of albums such as Minstrel in the Gallery, or individual songs such as the acoustic songs in Aqualung). But taken as whole, you obviously listened to and cared about these albums as much as I do. Kudos!

A couple of straggling comments: Love the Stones, but glad to see you didn't overrate their albums. Other worthwhile review!? Joni Mitchell, Opeth.

sheree ( (07/13/11)

one of the best sites on the net,very fair rating,and reviews,a chap after my own heart,keep up hard slog,its well worth it,for all of us merestudents of the musical sounds available.Regards from nick in newzealand

John Rossi ( (11/13/11)

Hi John - Stay smart!

from another John... sometimes known as Johnny Nonation1

My website if it was ever done the same way as you would probably go up by Log10 the size of your music collection! Kidding. I loved your rating system. Superb.

Had a good read of your Moody Blues album reviews as I am finally for the fiirst time in my life seeing the Moodys in November - should be great even if they are like Old Uncles (geez I'm 45 what am I talking about!)

Keep it going - noticed you had a Tortoise album - weird!

Flaming Lips - good man!

Reviewing Prince? You are playing it tough out there even though I was/am a huge Prince fan. Good on you for tackling the Prince albums! I've hardly listened to any of his newer stuff yet I have the lot you have listed!

Stay smart!

Reagan Jones (12/13/11)

Hey John,

Just wanted to stop by and say how much I loved your site. Just discovered it, and I'm really getting into it. You've inspired me to get into Brian Eno, and given me quite a few fantastic album recommendations (Let it Bleed, for one). I just had a request: take a listen to some Kraftwerk. I'd love to know what you think of the band. Some of the best Electronica I've ever heard. Anyway, just wanted to give you my thanks. Keep it up! (04/13/12)


I Don't want to argue with you about any reviews that you've made.

I just want to tell you;

When you describing someone or something, you don't say much about that person or that thing.

You just describing yourself and your understanding of that person or thing.

Wich means, high rating good understanding, low rating little understanding.

Keep it up!

Islam Rrapaj ( (05/13/12)

I was really happy when i found your site but i got extremely happier when i saw that you rated The Moody Blues : TOCCC so highly, as it is my all time favorite album. I have been recently exploring a lot of Krautrock and was snooping around your site for album to listen to but found really none. Only Can, which i do like and listen to every now and then with Tago Mago being my favorite. Thanks for such an extensive site when it comes to rating music critically and appreciating it, glad to see there are people with similar tastes out there.

Lynn Antrim ( (07/13/12)

You're brilliant and fascinating, have a sophisticated sense of humor and irresistible charm. You're innovative and extraordinarily insightful. And you're stunningly handsome, can't forget stunningly handsome.

There's that and now to what I really wanted to say- thank you. It was a refreshing change to come across your website and although I didn't necessarily agree with your review of Roxy Music albums, I respect your opinion and the well reasoned consideration behind them.

If I see one more moronic youtube argument, I may just go Falling Down on all their asses. Not only do those idiots detract from my music listening experience, they make me long for the more cerebral marathon discussions my friends and I used to have about the important things in life like music, discussions I'll most likely never be a part of again. Hell, the closest I get to finding someone to talk to about Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry these days may have a vague recollection of having seen the movie 9 1/2 Weeks- once. Enough of my whining, more YOU.

I bookmarked your site and look forward to coming back to check out what else you have to say. I'd do it now except some people cop an attitude when you haven't moved (or blinked) in several hours so I mix it up for appearances sake.

Anyway, keep up the good work. May none of us lose significant hearing ability before we croak. That would so suck.

Steve Welte ( (07/13/12)

I'm a long-time lurker, probably about five years or so. Enjoyed reading all of the updates as they came, and finally decided to tell you how much I appreciate all of the effort you've put into creating this site. The only substantial problem I have with this website is with regards to the way in which you display all of the e-mail addresses of the people who send in opinions; the e-mail addresses are just displayed directly, not changed up with, for example, "" replacing ".", or similar typographical trickery. As it stands now, every e-mail address on your website seems to be up for grabs by any spammer trolling for new e-mail addresses to send crap to.

Anyway, thank you very much for putting as much time and effort into the site as you have, and for greatly expanding my musical horizons with bands/artists such as Genesis, Yes, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Brian Eno, Gentle Giant, and more recently the Flaming Lips, the Clash, and Tom Waits. This site has helped me become a lot more acquainted with music in general, and greatly expanding my ideas of what can 'legitimately' be accomplished musically (i.e., "hey, this guy or this group of guys aren't just making noise with instruments for kicks, they're actually trying to play like that to express these ideas in this new kind of way, using these instruments with this kind of arrangements and production and lyrics and singing stylistics.....holy cow, this is awesome!" :P). I wish you the best in your endeavors to keep your review site expanding far into the future.

Ideas for more bands to review: it would be kinda interesting if you'd write some reviews of Ray Thomas' two mid-70's solo releases, which have some good stuff on them. John Fogerty and Roger McGuinn also have some worthwhile solo material, although I understand why you might hesitate to explore any of the Byrds' solo material, given how many albums McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, etc. have been associated with. Maybe a page on Eric Clapton eventually? The Band (depending on how much you care for roots-rock and Americana)? Maybe reviews of Mike Rutherford's "Smallcreep's Day", Tony Banks' "A Curious Feeling", and Robert Fripp's "A Blessing of Tears"?

Looking forward to your reviews of Steve Hackett, Renaissance, the Beach Boys, and U2. I wish you well with these artists, and look forward to discovering more great music through your reviews!

Daniel B. Ribble ( (09/13/12)

Hello John. I love your detailed reviews and also the review system you are using. I somehow stumbled upon your site after having read a good bit on both the Starostin and Prindle sites, and as I listened to and enjoyed much of this music back in the day -- well, from the early 70s, -- Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Yes etc., and then later becoming a punk/new wave fan -- I very much enjoyed reading about it and finding a few albums I'd missed out on. Being outside of the U.S.A. since the late 80s I was interested to discover one group that I'd somehow missed entirely -- the Flaming Lips, and on the basis of your reviews managed to acquire several of their albums from various phases of their music career; love the band. Great site, thanks!

Vaughan Merlyn ( (01/13/14)

I recently discovered your site. Quite an incredible resource! You’ve put a lot of effort into this, and I know that many of us appreciate it and find it helpful.

Of course, I don’t agree with everything you say about my favorite bands and albums (Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELP, etc.) but I agree with most, and at least can understand where you are coming from with the points I don’t fully agree with.

Anyway, not much else to say except – Thank you!

Oh, and you might one day consider transferring your content onto a more user-friendly platform, such as a wiki (look at Mediawiki, the underlying engine from Wikipedia). This would make it easier to browse, follow links, comment, etc.

Gary Milligan ( (01/13/14)

Hi John love the site.Like most reviewers,it's a personal opinion.No one is going to agree with everything you think.I will say your reviews are thoughtful and arguments well presented.Hope this continues.

A suggestion for someone not on your site.Not sure if he would be your cup of tea.I am a huge fan of Joe Bonamassa.He is becoming very popular as a complete independent blues rock artist.I would think you have heard or are familiar with him.Very popular with us old classic rock babies! (01/13/14)

Hi there John,

only just come across your site these last few days trying to find a decent Yes album review site and up came yours. i must say i love your scoring/rating system and fully appreciate its intricacies.

anyway, love the reviews about Yes and although i dont agree with everything you say i am so glad to find fellow fans of TFTO. For me it is one of the greatest rock albums of all time and i am really eager to hear the remixed version that Steven Wilson (porcupine tree) will be soon unleashing on the world. His CTTE remixing in both stereo and 5.1 is a revelation and his skills show what a fabulous band Yes really were back then- of course i hope Relayer comes along soon too.

Just starting on Van Der Graaf now as they have always been one of my favourite bands –ever and i see you dont quite rate them as high as i would, but we are all different, thankfully otherwise it would be a very boring world ! I also love PHs solo work especially the Fall of the House of Usher album (now theres one challenging album if anyone is interested in some late night gothic style terrifying music ?).

Thank you for the site.

John Daily ( (01/13/14)

I stumbled across your site and spent about 2 hours reading various parts of it. It's clear you're intelligent; I'd encourage you to find your own voice.

Your site reads so much like Starostin's that it's not worth reading any more of it. Both formally (merged rating systems and almost identical band star ratings) and substantively (e.g., 'your' praise of the Beatles or 'your' opinion that David Gilmour is too calculated). To paraphrase Starostin, why would I listen to Marillion when I could listen to Genesis? He does it better - and has way way more of it - than you.

I think if you came up with your own format, your own write-up, criteria, etc., you could have a site worth reading on its own merits. Maybe try deviating from common opinion too (how "pantheonic" can "Blonde on Blonde" really be with defects like "I Want You" or "Absolutely Sweet Marie"?).

Get your own voice - my bet is it'd be a good read.

Leveille, Nathan J. (

I've been lucky over the past three or four years to learn a lot about approaching rock, especially progressive rock, more or less as a serious hobby that can demand a great deal of investment and cultivation, especially if, like me, you have very little that resembles a "life"--fortunately, I've found that the reward is well worth it. Your site has been a sizable part of that process for me, so I want to register my appreciation.

I think I disagree with you more often than I agree (for two examples, I like all the things about Rush that you don't like, and I don't think they've ever made a bad album, whereas I don't think the Beatles are top-tier at all), but I check in faithfully every month and I'll probably continue as long as you continue writing...

Mark Bierman ( (10/13/14)

LOVE the reviews. Taking forever to get through them, but it was your love for Yes' Drama that caught my eye. One of the all time best R&R albums ever, IMO.

I am amazed how you take the time to go in depth one the shittier side of bands that used to be great. More power to ya, but sheesh!

Any reason why no XTC or Todd Rundgren/Utopia love?

Have you ventured into Jellyfish land yet?

And here are 2 one off wonders you should love...

Toy Matinee
Human Radio

Have fun!

Mark B

iloveff96 ( (10/13/14)

Hi John! I'm really enjoying your site (Especially Rush, Yes, Genesis and King Crimson reviews (oh what the hell throw Pink Floyd in there too)). You share some of my favorites as far as prog goes (Mainly Genesis and Yes). But what I really think you should do is face your demons and build that Dream Theater section. Don't think it as a burden, but as a challenge. I really would like to see if you can find at least something by them that you like. I really think that it will be your personal Mona Lisa and Sgt Pepper in the same package. (Also Wind and Wuthering and Keys to Ascension 2 are both AMAZING albums. So shame on you for bashing those.)

Thomas Hesser ( (12/13/14)

You should review SQUEEZE. As well as the two Morrison-less Doors albums and a couple other similar records made by great bands that nearly everyone hates. I think they certainly deserve more than to be called "crap" by someone who hasn't heard them and not even be reviewed. You might even be surprised by a few. For instance, I think the first song on Squeeze is pretty good, and nobody talks about it... Sad face. Other than that, GREAT SITE!

Anonymous fellow via text (12/13/14)

You are a moron! (01/13/15)

Buddy, where are your essay on music? Or anything.. At least you'd not be so depressing about the state of music and the future like Strarostin.. Overall nice reading these reviews.
Also i think you should go deeper into more experimental acts of any kind (say obscure elctronica, avant garde rock, classical stuff, industrial). I mean you carry a prog spirit which is rare among american hearts. (01/13/15)

hi, i was searching for the name of an old ELP song in which the words 'somebody hand me a ladder' are in my mind and i couldn't find it. anyway, i ran across your blog. i read a lot of different opinions. it made me happy to see that others don't like JOURNEY and STYX in the same context that i never did *giggles. i thought i was the only one. to me KANSAS is not guilty to be in this arena though. the other band that is is RUSH. i have always despised JOURNEY STYX and RUSH.. also BOB SEGER. happy holidays and thanks for standing up for ELP!

Charles Cotham ( (01/13/15)

Hello John,
I've really been enjoying reading your music review site. I'll spare you my going over the bits I agree and disagree with, but I will say that I find it all very insightful and entertaining reading. Keep it up!


J W ( (02/13/2015)

Hi John, I've been reading your site for months and just now decided to sign the guestbook. I have to say, your site is great! You're the one that introduced me to the online music-reviewing community, and your site has always been my favorite; it's even better that Starostin's. The reviews are very entertaining and informative (I could read your review of Revolver all day, the same way you say could listen to it all day). I look forward to the new batch every month. Your site has introduced me to quite a few artists, such as Yes and Genesis. Your Who page made me realize that I didn't know sh*t about the band, and prompted me look further into them (They really are great). Also, your guide to getting acquainted with the artists is a genius idea.

I really love the rating system you use, and how each individual rating really means something. For example, a B on your scale means more than just 11/16. There are certain attributes and qualities to that album that make it a "B" album. Also love how much a 10 means on your scale. For example, when an album gets a 10 on Prindle's scale, it's just, "Oh lookie here, this album got a ten, neat-o." But on the hex scale, it's, "HOLY SH*T HOLD THE PRESS, THIS HERE ALBUM GOT A MOTHERF*CKING TEN!"

Btw, would you ever consider doing reviews of Joni Mitchell? If you're not familiar with her music, I'd recommend the albums "Ladies of the Canyon" and "Hejira". Really great stuff.

So yeah, that's it. Keep up the good work, man!

Benjamin Beyer ( (02/13/2015)

Hey John! Love your work on this site! I came across it about a year ago in my sophomore year of high school while looking for Beatles reviews. Your reviews are very well-written and they've turned me on to all sorts of music that I hadn't heard before, prog rock especially. I'm now a big fan of The Who, Bob Dylan, Yes, Genesis, and my current favorite band, Pink Floyd all thanks to you and this site. I check regularly for new reviews and I'm glad that you're still posting. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome work. Keep it up!
- Ben Beyer P.S. I'm also a big fan of the rating system. I think it's one of the most unique and interesting systems that I've ever encountered.

Bigwig ( (04/13/15)

And yeah, it seems like you are bit (!) impressed by that russian stooge...
That reminds me of a certain film :
Adm. Randolph: Try one of these Jamaican cigars, Ambassador. They're pretty good.
Ambassador de Sadesky: Thank you, no. I do not support the work of imperialist stooges.
Adm. Randolph: Oh, only commie stooges, huh?

You should be reviewing more obscure acts that very few have heard of as to bring them a new, fair and well-deserved audience.
Also think about changing the format of your website.

Review all solo albums of Robert Fripp and others who made good albums on their own. I mean, he's the PROG GUITARIST. (although Howe is more diverse if you think again..)

Ivo Samuel Giosa Domínguez ( (06/13/15)

Hello! Here's a teenager writing. First of all, sorry for my possible grammatical errors. Even though I'm quite confident in my English, it's not my everyday language, so I could make som errors. Now that's clear, let's move on.

I really like your page! It's not only that, along with the George Starostin, DrMusicStudio (that one's on spanish) and Don Ignacio pages (never cared about Mark Prindle) introduced to lots of music bands (such as U2, The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads...) but I think that your page is better than all of them. While sometimes I disagree with your opinions (I'm one of those weirdos that think that Wind & Wuthering is a perfect album) I can see your point and why you dislike or like an album or song. I mean, you could have just said about Idioteque that "It transmits very well the feeling of not wanting to dance" but you went out of your way to explain why in an understandable way.

So... um... I don't know what else to say. Except that I'm quite surprised with some of the reviews here (Metallica, Nirvana, U2...) and that I like your page. Well, keep it on, because I'm quite entertained.
By the way: it would be interesting to see a review page for Tom Petty. Just to see how you rate his albums, since there isn't that much people that knows this band.

Anthony Golding ( (10/13/15)

What a find, spending a Sunday with earphones clamped trawling through my past via the iPad and your and others perceptive comments, can life get much better? Keep going I'm looking forward to the Beach Boys!

Richard Pievaitis ( (07/13/16)

Having rediscovered your site from about 8 years ago, I am having a very interesting time comparing your views of certain artists against my own.

I like your detailed overviews very much and whilst I don't always exactly agree ( who does on subjective subjects like music ?) I can always appreciate why you rate a certain group or album , so that helps doesn't it ?

Personally, I would like you to cover some more bands that whilst not big mainstream multi million sellers,have been influential over the years, eg The Jam ( a strange band that like The Kinks tended to typify a certain era of Englishness and perhaps didn't transfer at all to American audiences, a Marmite band if ever there was ),The Fall, surely one of the best post punk bands ever and still going strong with great new music being produced. New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Country, even ABBA (you've got the Carpenters so why not include the best pure pop band ever ABBA ?) and The Smiths.

Just some suggestions !

Slowly working my way through but at this moment we share fairly similar tastes eg Gabriel era Genesis, Mk 2 Purple ( see my review of WDWTWA on amazon uk for my earlier thoughts prior to coming here) and I adore Yes apart from Tormato and Onion, don't mind the Rabin years at all and that's from someone who adores Tales,CTTE and Relayer.

Going to start on the marathon Zappa section today as that man is a hero of mine.

Thank you the massive detailed work you put into producing this site, although I do own most of the albums reviewed here , there's always one or two that I've missed for one reason or another so it's useful to see whether I should purchase or not.

Sledgehammer ( (12/13/16)

Hi john! I am a frequent visitor to your site and I love your work. The only thing that sometimes pisses me off is your way of interpreting lyrics by their face value which would explain your dislike of Radiohead lyrics (Knives Out is NOT about cannibalism and while were on it Spirit of the Radio is actually a statement against radio rather than an ode to it). Anyway what I was wondering was (and I reeeeeaally would like you to answer this) what is your opinion on Porcupine Tree (Since you've referred to them a couple times) and if there's any chance you'd ever review their work. I'd be super interested to read a Porcupine Tree page if such a thing is coming in the following decades. Thanks!

Ethan Hacker ( (02/13/17)

Here I was pitter pattering around the internet looking for more to read about Genesis when- Boom - I hit the mother load. Your around 73,000, takes five years to scroll through, absolutely wonderful reviews and commentaries on Genesis. Its absolutely refreshing and I intend to read more of your work!

aki yrjana ( (04/13/17)

Thank you for a no-shit site with so many loving and strong words about my old babe, music.

I am a professional songwriter. I am sitting in a cabin deep in the woods somewhere in Finland. Yep, Finland. I am supposed to write lyrics to my band's 16th album. And failing miserably. Does not help an iota that some consider me to be one of the best lyricists in my language. At the moment I hate language chapter and verse, not to mention all that rhymes.

Yesterday afternoon I was listening to Musical Box by Genesis on the fabulous Genelec near field speaker system this place boasts. Listening to and sobbing and laughing (and i was sober!) I checked for any sites with analysis on Genesis songs. And I ran into your pages.

This far I've read lots of what you have written about Genesis, Yes, The Who, Stones, Dylan... And I feel strength flowing back to my veins. There are actual people out there who listen to, feel, analyse and rave about the art of song!

So thank you John. I love your ears and the scope and finesse of your taste.

Alec Tice ( (12/13/17)

You are the man. Awesome reviews. Thank you.

Phish man, Phish.

Please give Junta or Rift a spin. If you like that, any live show from 94-00 on Spotify/iTunes will suffice.

I recently listened to King Crimson -"Improv: Munchen". It is very cool, good rec. Saw King Crimson last week in Boston actually. Fripps tone is as glorious as one might imagine.

But man, Phish is my live music/improv heaven. I was at 3 of the "Bakers Dozen" shows last summer. 13 shows, 2 sets each, didn't play the same song twice.

They had the enormous benefit of growing up listening to Genesis/Yes/Crim/the Dead. They used that benefit to their advantage.

Thanks a lot man, you are my favorite music review writer by far.

Chris Cotham ( (07/13/18)

Hello John, I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your site. I never post anything (I don’t feel like I have anything particularly insightful to say), but I do read it all the time - including the new Stevie Wonder section, which seems to have no responses right now. (I sympathize with you when an artist or album is good enough that they’re difficult to really criticize, but it’s still entertaining to read the comments). More than most sites like this, I can sense the enthusiasm you have for the artists, instead of the cynicism that creeps in when someone’s been a fan of a band for a long time; even when a particular album gets a negative review from you, it never gets mean-spirited.

Thanks to your site, I took a dive into the Moody Blues catalog to see what I’ve been missing. It sounds like I’m about your age, so I first encountered the Moody Blues during the late stage of their career - when they were a slick, romantic-oriented pop-rock band, and an unusually wussy one at that. I was aware of “Nights in White Satin” (thanks to some of those TV commercials for K-Tel style hits collections), but…… I really don’t care for “Nights…”, and “Tuesday Afternoon” still strikes me as too twee for words (especially the line about the trees calling Justin near….), and I have a high tolerance for whimsy and hippie-era malarky. Reading your MB’s page, I was curious enough to check out their earlier albums and really enjoyed them - especially In Search of the Lost Chord and A Question of Balance, and I did find that I loved “Peak Hour” of Days of Future Passed (still not a fan of the two big songs or the orchestral bits). The Time Traveller and This is the Moody Blues collections pretty much satisfy my Moody Blues needs (and I’ll insist that, even if it’s kind of an anomaly, “Your Wildest Dreams” is a stunning achievement, something that justifies the concept of middle-aged pop-rock all by itself), but that’s more fine music I have now than I did before. I’m still pretty agnostic about how ‘great’ overall the MB’s are, but at least now I ‘get’ what makes people enthusiastic about them, even if it’s an enthusiasm I don’t fully share - and I did discover a lot of great songs that I do like. So, job well done. (After reading your site, I feel for Patrick Moraz though, who I now know was given the boot by *two* major progressive rock bands who barely acknowledge he was ever a member now…. That’s gotta hurt.)

Keep it up, I look forward to whatever you add to the site next

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